Public Speaking

Public Speaking confidence session

“Public Speaking is one of the most feared activities…”

Imagine the possibilities for your career or private life if speaking out in public becomes easier or even a pleasure for you.

• Wedding Speech
• Business Presentation
• Job Interview / University Interview
• Negotiations
• Acting and Singing
• School Teachers

You and I can reduce & remove your speaking Phobia or Stage Fright. It can be done relatively quickly and thoroughly – even if it has been holding you back for years!

Having coached Speakers, Singers and Actors at the top of their game, I know that you need to be in the best state possible to make that well- prepared Presentation or Speech come alive and get you the response you want from your audience.

What happens during a Public Speaking Confidence Session?

We will work on several levels:

Breath and voice control
Use of simple and effective breath and voice control exercises you can easily practice on your own.

State Control
I’ll show you how to collect your most resourceful and confident states and learn to re – access those
states for your Public Speaking.

Mental Rehearsal
I’ll take you through a detailed mental rehearsal strategy that really works! Then I’ll show you how to do it yourself.

Actual Rehearsal
This is a chance to actually deliver your Presentation or Speech in rehearsal, get some feedback and further strengthen your ‘Performance State’.

These are general examples of the kind of work we can do together and your sessions are designed specifically to your needs.
Everyone is different and you may have a specific aspect you want to develop or change – let me know.

As a guideline, 1 to 3 sessions are usually enough to make and maintain substantial improvement in your confidence.

get rid of stage fright
Wedding speech confidence coaching

Session Prices

Singing Lessons ~ £40 per hour
Public Speaking Confidence ~ £40 per hour
Peak Performance Coaching ~ £40 per hour
Songwriting Guidance ~ £40 per hour

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