“Some nice words from my clients”

Singing tuition and group lessons

“It’s been 6 months since I first met Jake and for the 18 years up until that day, I couldn’t sing a note. I had always wanted to be a singer and front a band, but my inability to sing, crushed that dream at a very early age. I was led to believe singing was something only some ‘chosen few’ could do.. Oh how mistaken I was. Jake has taught me how to sing from scratch. I arrived a complete novice, but I now have a vocal range of just over an octave. The exercises I have done with Jake have not only trained my voice & given me control over my breathing and sound… but also developed my ear. I can actually hear what to sing of my own accord, which is such a valuable ability to have when being a singer. Jake is a perfect balance between ‘teacher’ and ‘friend’, he has endless knowledge of music & uses NLP to boot. If you want to learn to sing or develop your existing voice… Look no further, you’ve found your coach.”

“Before I came on Vocalwise I couldn’t sing for more than 2 hours with out losing my voice.  Now I can do three nights a week and still feel like I can do more.  Great Course and a great teacher.”
Steve Mc Cormack, singer songwriter

“As a direct result of Vocalwise my voice is much stronger and I have increased my range comfortably by at least half an octave. I feel more confident and in control of my voice when I am performing live. I would recommend Vocal Wise to anyone who wants to get more from the voice they already have”
Tobe, guitarist and singer with Bjorn Again, Tina Turner…

“Hi man, sorry not been in touch sooner, been travelling a lot, filming and now just overwhelmed at work, I haven’t had that much time to practice at all, but that 1st lesson was SO powerful and the general change to my singing, i’m just trying to bash it all out louder and make enough progress to bring back and show you. I will drop you  line in a week or so and we’ll schedule lesson 2 and 3.”
Paul, actor

“Just to say thanks for yesterday – you were right, I’ve  noticed a difference already! I managed to get about 10 minutes warm up done and according to my husband my voice was stronger and more confident – I definitely felt more confident in my ability which was great!”
Cheers, Melody 🙂

“Just a short note to say how much I enjoyed the course, ten hours went very quickly !!! I never thought I could do it but it just goes to show!”

“I found Vocalwise as I needed to do some work on my voice and confidence for work, then I realised how much I really enjoyed singing for pleasure as well! It has opened up a whole new experience for me, I have felt my voice change, my range has expanded and the type of songs I want to try is so much more varied from when I started. It has also led to me meeting a whole new group of great people who share the similar enjoyment of music as well. Thank you.”

“I came to Vocalwise as a fun way to learn how to breathe properly to help my asthma. Having never sung before I was amazed how easily the one to one sessions improved my breathing and helped me find a voice I never knew I had. The Vocalwise course then helped me increase my vocal range while giving me the opportunity to sing in front of others, something I never thought I would be able to do. I’m not sure I would have been able to accomplish so much so quickly if it hadn’t been for the unique Vocalwise approach.”
Lindley Horner, Osteopath

“Dear Jake, I wanted to write to tell you that the past 2 weekends I shot my first music video for a dance song I wrote and I felt absolutely GREAT. I am so appreciative to the work and you were so wonderful in your approach with me… Thanks again with all my heart”
Marcia  (singer songwriter)

“The VOCALWISE method of voice coaching is the most direct and effective way I know for people to develop the voice. Jake Boyle has really tapped in to enabling people to easily build great technique and self confidence. I have seen singers transformed into performers time and again. I highly recommend Jake Boyle’s Vocalwise method and Performance Coaching as a first choice for beginners and professionals”
Carly Greene, session singer for Kylie Minogue, Gareth Gates, Geri Halliwell etc…

Session Prices

Singing Lessons ~ £40 per hour
Public Speaking Confidence ~ £40 per hour
Peak Performance Coaching ~ £40 per hour
Songwriting Guidance ~ £40 per hour

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