Songwriting, Production, Singing & Recording Days

Songwriting recording days

“Write and record a song of your own with help from Jake”

Have Jake play more instruments and add quality studio production to your existing songs.

Enjoy a day of recording any of your favourite songs and go home with a finished CD of your music!

You get 6 hours of studio session plus a free 1 hour pre-production session.

As part of music making I will fully produce and play keyboards, bass, arrange drums and percussion, write string parts etc. and use all my experience and skills to guide you towards a great sounding finished product, whilst giving you creative freedom.

Your project is unique so give me a call to let me know what you’d like to record so I can help you plan the recording or writing day and realise your vision.

Have a Listen

Here are some fantastic excerpts from some songwriting days. All of these were done in around half a day each, and singers usually came with guitar parts and vocal lines – we create the rest of the instrumentation in session. Some tracks were produced starting with the vocal line only.


I have never written a song before but have some words and poems written down. Can I turn these into a song?
I can help you to write more words & ideas before the recording session. We can choose a genre for your song, a mood and discuss what kind of instruments to include in the production so we can get a clear creative direction before the day. I am happy to give you ideas for vocal tunes, how to work the lyrics into the song and come up with keyboard and drum parts for you.  

Can you help me do some backing vocals – I know I want some, I just don’t know how to start
I’ll show you how to come up with the best ideas or I can come up with some suggestions for the right way to go with your backing vocals

Can I play guitar and piano and keyboards myself and do all the singing? I’ve got a good idea of what I want to sound like so I’d like to play most of the instruments myself.
Yes, that’s great. I’ll make sure you get as much hands – on control as possible so you can get stuck in with being creative.

I would like to record myself singing a bunch of songs and a long day would be a great time to perfect them…would you be able to help me get the most out of my  singing on the day? 
Absolutely – you can bring backing tracks or ask me to play an instrument to back your vocals. We can sort this out before the recording day. I will offer you all of my coaching services on the recording day so you’ll get loads of support and experience to help you.

Session Prices

Singing Lessons ~ £40 per hour
Public Speaking Confidence ~ £40 per hour
Peak Performance Coaching ~ £40 per hour
Songwriting Guidance ~ £40 per hour

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